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Soil Stewards

The University of Idaho club for Organic Farming & Sustainable Community Food Systems

Soil Stewards is a recognized student organization whose members created and continue to run an organic farm within the UI Plant Science Research Farm.

Soil Stewards goals are to promote the preservation of natural resources and sustainability through community outreach, research, and experiential learning.

Who are the Soil Stewards?
 Members come from all over the university. We have undergraduate and graduate members, art majors, soil science majors, agriculture majors and environmental science majors. Itís a diverse group joined by a desire to effect change and grow healthy, organic food right here on campus.

2005 Projects
This year the farm supported an eleven member CSA, sold produce at an on campus farmstand, and supplied the campus foodservice with carrots & potatoes.

What does it take to join?
Membership dues are $10 yearly. We have scheduled meetings and work parties out at the farm. On certain days during the fall semester students operate a farm stand on campus. Members are expected to put in their share of work to take home a share of the harvest.

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Click on the above images to download the 2005 CSA Brochure (1), the Membership Brochure (2), or Poster (3)

For more information, our meeting schedule, and to join our email list, please email us at: