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The Twelve Soil Orders
Soil Taxonomy
In 1975, Soil Taxonomy was published by the United States Department of Agriculture's Soil Survey Staff. This system for classifying soils has undergone numerous changes since that time, and the 2nd edition was published in 1999. Soil Taxonomy remains one of the most widely used soil classification systems in the world.

At the highest level, Soil Taxonomy places soils in one of 12 categories known as orders. We have put together a collection of information and images to illustrate the distribution, properties, ecological significance, and use of these 12 soil orders.

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Information about each
of the 12 soil orders
US Distribution Map
of the 12 soil orders
Global Distribution Map
of the 12 soil orders
Soil Taxonomy
For information about the World Reference Base for Soil Resources, visit this web site:
World Reference Base
for Soil Resources

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