The Idaho Center for Potato Research and Education is a virtual center made up of faculty and staff located at the University of Idaho campus, four research and education centers, and numerous county extension offices.


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Idaho is the single largest potato producing state in the US. Approximately 400,000 acres are planted annually accounting for nearly 34% of the nation's fall harvested acreage. Over thirty varieties are produced in growing regions ranging from the high elevation seed areas of eastern Idaho, with 90-100 growing days, to areas of the Treasure Valley in western Idaho that have the warmest mean temperatures in the Northwest and up to 180 frost-free days. Potatoes in Idaho are produced for many markets. The manufacturing of french fries utilizes 60% of production. Other predominant markets include tablestock, dehydration, and seed; with additional potatoes being used in the chip and specialty markets.


The importance of potatoes in the Idaho economy has led to public support of potato industry. The creation of the Idaho Center for Potato Research and Education is an outgrowth of this support. The purpose of the organization is to advance the science of potato production and utilization through coordinated research, extension, and teaching programs.

This web site was developed and is maintained by the Idaho Center for Potato Research and Education and serves as a source of information about ICPRE, its people, and operations. It contains descriptions of University of Idaho potato research, teaching, and extension programs. This site also serves as a source of potato production and utilization information and includes links to other valuable potato-related web sites.
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