Frequently Asked Questions

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child blowing bubbles

Healthy Growth/Weight

1. Do children know how much to eat?

2. Should children eat everything on their plates?

3. Will carbohydrates make children fat?

4. If given the opportunity, will children only eat sweets?


Green Beans

Child Nutrition

1. Will sugar make children hyperactive or cause misbehavior?

2. Will eating healthy food (fruit) counterbalance eating unhealthy food?

3. Is fruit juice good for you?

4. Is fast food always junk food?

5. Is it OK for children to eat candy?

6. Will Children learn to eat vegetables?


active play - kids playing

Active Play

1. Do young children have to have 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity all at once, every day to be physically healthy?


Kid with legos

Feeding Strategies

1. Can children serve themselves from serving plates and bowls?

2. Must food be eaten in a certain order?