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Introduction to Child Nutrition

Nutrition is critical in young children’s optimal growth and development, and it impacts children’s health in the future. As a child care provider, baseline knowledge about child nutrition will not only benefit you, but it will also allow you to share appropriate nutrition information with young children. The child nutrition module provides nutrition information through the five foods groups: breads and grains, meat and beans, fruits and vegetables, milk and milk substitutes, and fats and oils.

Child care providers are encouraged to teach children about the food groups and nutrition, but often aren’t given the tools to properly do so. Imbedded in the nutrition information is the use of child appropriate nutrition phrases that are intended to give child care providers appropriate nutrition information to share with young children. The phrases describe the numerous nutritional benefits to the foods children are eating!

video for nutrition

Information for each food group is provided in the left hand column of the web page with various links: background information for trainers, a summary sheet for trainers, a workshop PowerPoint presentation, and a workshop handout. Additional resources are also available for trainers to use in their workshops such as activity ideas, video vignettes, newsletters, and links to resources for additional information. Further, a link to the University of Idaho Feeding Young Children in Group Settings website provides access to supplemental handouts and video vignettes. With the variety of resources provided on this page, trainers can gather those resources that are most appropriate for their intended workshop, and tailor the materials to their specific workshop’s need.

*Go to the University of Idaho Feeding Young Children in Group Settings web site at http://www.cals.uidaho.edu/feeding/ and click on resources.