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    Interested in what's new with Hawkweed biocontrol research?  Download the CABI Annual Report on Hieracium for 2010 here.

    Montana Hawkweed Identification Bulletin now available.  To order more copies, contact Montana State University Extension Publications by clicking here.


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    Check out our resources page with many guides, fact sheets, and regional maps to help you identify the hawkweed complex. 



    Established in 1948 as the Europe Station of the Commonwealth Institute of Biocontrol, CABI Europe-Switzerland has traditionally worked on the classical biological control of invasive insect pests and weeds of Eurasian origin, on behalf of the temperate areas of the world, particularly North America, Australia, and New Zealand.


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    The Hawkweed Biocontrol Consortium in North America supports the testing and approval of biological insects on invasive exotic hawkweeds. The Hawkweed Biocontrol Consortium website is a comprehensive database with information on identification, biology, research, resources, and the biological control of the hawkweed complex in North America. 

    Hawkweeds can invade forest habitats.
    Hawkweeds can invade forest habitats.  Photo by Linda Wilson.

    Many thanks to all the contributors of the information on this website.  Much of the content on this website was taken from the Key to Identification of Invasive and Native Hawkweeds (Hieracium species) in the Pacific Northwest" by Linda Wilson, 2006.  The hawkweeds are quite complex and we hope the data here helps clarify these species and serves as a valuable resource for your weed management efforts. 

    About us

    The Hawkweed Biocontrol Consortium members are  land managing agencies, researchers, and private landowners devoted to funding and supporting the development of insects targeting exotic invasive hawkweed species.  The ultimate goal of the consortium is to develop insects for release on hawkweeds in North America. This collaborative group aims to support and strengthen research and implementation of biocontrol agents for invasive exotic hawkweed species in the region.

    get involved!

    Contact Marijka Haverhals if you are interested in contributing to the Hawkweed Consortium and supporting biocontrol agent releases in North America.

    Meadow Hawkweed invasion in Oregon.  Photo by Greg Winans.
    Invasive meadow hawkweed in Oregon.  Photo by Greg Winans.