Exotic Plant Invasion bio-Control Laboratory





Refereed or Adjudicated Publications (#Denotes Graduate Student): 

Gaskin, J.F., Schwarzländer, M., Kinter, C.L., Smith, J.F. and Novak, S.J.  Propagule pressure, population structure and geographic origins of an apomictic plant invasion on three invaded continents; a comparison of introduction dynamics around the globe. American Journal of Botany.  Accepted.

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Gaskin, J.F., Schwarzländer, M., Hinz, H.L., Williams, L. III, Gerber, E., Rector, B.G. and Zhang, D.Y.  Genetic identity and diversity of perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) in its native and invaded ranges.  Invasive Plant Science and Management.  In Press.

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