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AgKnowledge AgKnowledge reports on the impact of College of Agricultural and Life Sciences research-based and extension programs in a quick-read format. The stories are given to statewide decision makers weekly during the Idaho legislative session.

The AgKnowledge newsletters are listed here in chronological order. The most recent issue has the highest number.

You can search for specific content in the AgKnowledge newsletters by using our "Site Search" feature on our Search page.

AgKnowledge issues in PDF format:

291. 4-H—From robotics to nutrition and youth financial; Steer-A-Year program; Idaho potatoes
290. IDAHO AG—Idaho ag posts strong year; grain researchers respond; CALS celebrates successes
289. EXTENSION—Olsen leads potato association; dairy genomics; wildflowers for gardens
288. 4-H—KYG heads for Capitol; robot games; youth as healthy living advocates
287. EXTENSION—Eat Smart Idaho; youth financial literacy; drought info website
286. FOOD—Small farms and local markets; ocratoxin assessed; School of FCS home again
285. IDAHO AG—CALS' strong year; ag sales $7.82 billion; food processors' big impact
284. 4-H—Helping senior citizens with robots; century families in Idaho; Know Your Government Conference
283. CATTLE—Feed-use and prices; beef center high-tech tools; spring break road trip
282. WHEAT—Boosting Idaho crop; assessing oilseeds; college fields support team
281. POTATOES—UI Extension Potato Conference; zebra chip field trials; bacterial ring rot
280. IDAHO AG—Idaho ag, CALS strong in 2012; cash receipts, net income up 5%; college efforts span state
279. WATER—Area water steward training; improving erroneous reports; irrigation research
278. HELPING COMMUNITIES—Rapid Response Design Team; new tourism map; diversity tours
277. HEALTH & NUTRITION—Healthy living; boosting women's strength; simulation robots
276. MORRILL ACT'S 150TH YEAR—1862 dream still helps Idaho families & ag industry thrive
275. 4-H CENTENNIAL—Extension's leadership; Know Your Government; century families
274. DAIRY—Dairy workshops; nutrient management; veterinarian student training
273. WEEDS, RANGELAND—Weed warriors; rangeland critical issues; popular rangeland event
272. MORE UI CROP RESEARCH—Wheat threats; new wheat varieties; drip for onion crops
271. IMPACTS OF UI CROP RESEARCH—Zebra chip threat to potatoes; Wheat commission funds research; UI student researchers
270. MINDING BUSINESS—Caldwell's TechHelp; Incubator helps new wineries; healthier potato chips?
269. COLLEGE—UI CALS celebrates a century of research while battling new crop threats
268. DIVERSITY—Three Idaho tribes benefit from tribal-based UI Extension educators and programs
267. COMMUNITIES—UI Extension begins next era of helping small Idaho towns thrive
266. FAMILY FINANCE—Idahoans from teens to seniors learn about finance at UI Extension workshops
265. HEALTH & NUTRITION—UI Extension helps stretch food dollars in 34 Idaho counties
264. MINDING BUSINESS—UI Caldwell facility helps food industry, mom & pop businesses
263. LIVESTOCK—Cross–campus collaboration establishes new Idaho Rangeland Center
262. YOUTH-4-H—2012 Centennial begins; Idaho youth tackle tough bills in Boise
261. ENVIRONMENT—Master Forest Stewards share wisdom with Idaho's forest owners
260. APPLIED RESEARCH—If Idaho's climate changes, UI studies may aid grain growers
259. CROPS—UI potato, wheat, oilseed breeders win innovation awards in aid of Idaho agriculture
258. UI RESEARCH & EXTENSION—Budget cuts while supporting Ag—Idaho's top industry
257. COLLEGE—Faculty excel, student numbers grow despite loss of 70 jobs, 1 R&E center
256. PALOUSE—Tri-state land-grants design long-term study of inland NW dryland ag impacts
255. COMMUNITIES—UI Horizons builds capacity, economic prosperity in rural Idaho towns
254. FINANCE—Personal finance workshops, new Web, help Idahoans weather financial storms
253. HEALTH/NUTRITION—Healthy Diabetes Plate Web site makes meal-planning easy
252. BUILDING BUSINESSES—UI Extension's food processing education aids dairy industry
251. LIVESTOCK—Idaho internships let students explore vet careers in livestock industry
250. YOUTH-4-H—Idaho ROKS promotes math, science that's both challenging and a hoot
249. WATER/ENVIRONMENT—UI water scientist helps Idaho pioneer way to track water usage
248. APPLIED RESEARCH—Keeping Idaho's $512M wheat crops viable amid heat, drought
247. GARDENING—Master Gardeners are masters at sharing lessons with ages young to old
246. CROPS—UI research helps Idaho's famous crop keep getting better and more varied
245. COLLEGE—Successes on a variety of fronts despite threatening economic challenges
244. GLOBAL—Helping other countries led to student exchange, greater understanding
243. DIVERSITY—UI Extension helps three Idaho tribes unravel probate; learn AIPRA rules
242. BIOFUELS—Will native prairie grasses become a new Idaho crop and fuel source?
241. HEALTH/NUTRITION—Help for staff-strapped rural hospitals comes with regional solution
240. YOUTH/4-H—In science and engineering, 4-H'ers are Idaho's 'can-do' kids
239. COMMUNITIES—UI Horizons program expands to help southern Idaho combat poverty
238. CROPS—Growers benefit from improved varieties of potatoes, wheat, and beans
237. APPLIED RESEARCH—University economists help Idaho refine revenue predictions
236. FINANCE—Emergency funds are critical for financial survival of Idaho households
235. WATER/ENVIRONMENT—Idaho's universities team up to study climate impacts on water
234. LIVESTOCK/DAIRY—Plans move ahead for Idaho's livestock research center
233. COLLEGE—CALS wrestles with budgets; two new studies show ag's importance to Idaho
232. NUTRITION—UI nutrition experts help childcare operators face child obesity
231. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING—Foreign trips give students feel for global market
230. HEALTH—Diabetes education reaches rural Idahoans during 'head-to-toe' clinics
229. COMMUNITIES—Living (and learning) on the Land; classes are ‘almost imperative'
228. RESEARCH TO APPLICATION—$2 million in UI research nets promising plague vaccine
227. YOUTH—Robot competitions spark science interest; lead to $120,000 in school savings
226. RESEARCH TO APPLICATION—UI nanotechnology targets killers staph, E. coli, MRSA
225. LIVESTOCK—UI Livestock Research Center for Magic Valley takes another step forward
224. BUSINESS/ECONOMICS—University students get crash course in Idaho's economy
223. WATER—Climate change could benefit Idaho's Snake River Plain, agriculture
222. Idaho ag receipts top $5.6 billion; gain to farmers/ranchers up 78 percent
221. Plans move ahead to support Idaho's robust livestock, other ag sectors
220. 23 north/central Idaho small towns begin journey to reduce poverty
219. CALS-ARS collaboration strengthens agricultural science for Idahoans
218. Military Family Camp eases stress for Idaho National Guard families
217. UI Extension programs support Native Americans on Idaho reservations
216. Study abroad, war on hunger impact CALS students' views of the world
215. New crop releases to increase yields, aid human, environmental health
214. New UI Water of the West (WoW) program aims for sustainability
213. Idaho 4-H's fifth day and afterschool youth programs teach many life skills
212. Retired UI professor's very accurate cow pregnancy test grows nationwide
211. New values for mustard, canola meals may transform Idaho's oilseed industry
210. Canola: Opportunities for human, cow health, oil production, pest suppression
209. New facilities benefit Idaho research in four southern Idaho locations
208. Financial help for Baby Boomers (and older) a big hit in Boise area
207. University-industry partnership helps raise quality of Idaho beef
206. Helping rural Idaho with youth, leadership, and customer service
205. Two UI facilities in Caldwell merge at epicenter of Treasure Valley ag
204. Model potato growers maximize profits through best management
203. Understanding tribal sovereignty
202. What cures lurk in Idaho sagebrush roots? UI's Crawford investigates
201. UI potato scientists confirm varieties need different pest controls
200. Demand builds for drought-resistant UI horticultural information
199. Urban interface conference examines rural wildfire protection issues
198. Idaho 4-H'ers find their ways-by compass and GPS-at Snow Camp
197. UI CALS celebrates 2005 gains, plans for future challenges
196. Managing pasture intensively beefs up profits for grazing academy alums
195. Training rural Idaho for success
194. UI professor finds non-toxic help for growers in agriculture, nurseries
193. UI Extension adjusts programs to meet needs of Hispanic Idahoans
192. NIH Funding exceeds $50 million to scientists, students Idaho-wide
191. UI Extension educators help seniors demystify prescription drug cards
190. UI potato scientists find important help for disease control in storage
189. Computer model of aquifer lets water users run what-if scenarios
188. UI-tested technology turns dairy wastewater pollutant into fertilizer
187. 4-H helps "suddenly military" kids in seven Idaho counties
186. UI Extension programs reach 1 in 4 Idahoans, 2004 survey shows
185. One in 25 Idaho children lives with a grandparent; UI Extension helps
184. Doing our part for U.S. biodefense UI studies infectious diseases
183. Herbicides show promise as alternative to bluegrass burning
182. Long-term care workshops attract hundreds; more planned this year
181. Decision tree will help potato growers stay afloat in dry years
180. UI scientists remove phosphorous from wastewater; cost is low
179. UI waste-management student design may help solve dairy odors
178. $5.6 million state investment reaps $12 million in UI grants
177. UI CALS celebrates strengths; worries about losing staff
176. UI Extension/AARP seminar offers RX for financial, legal health
175. What to do about rising fertilizer costs? Don't skimp; consider management tips
174. Idaho's Hispanic milkers get training in their own language
173. Bi-state helps Treasure Valley growers manage pesticides wisely
172. UI's waste management engineer "wrestles the tiger" of on-farm odors
171. 4-H outreach offers support to Hispanic families and youth
170. Sandpoint telecom facility broadening role as key community resource
169. Potato storage research shows promise for boosting grower profits
168. Water is focus of 10 new web-based classes for UI distance education students
167. Extension offers advice during water-short years
166. University of Idaho presence continues to grow North
165. Late legislator continues to give back to state
164. Soil conditioner eliminates majority of field runoff sediment
163. Wellness project sets a new pace in Preston
162. Risk management workshops help dairy producers seize pricing opportunities
161. Double cropping manure-treated fields can help growers manage phosphorus
160. College Tackles Tough Budget Issues
159. UI Extension Educators Welcome Idaho Teens to the Real World
158. 4-H lights up and enlightens Idahoans in urban counties
157. UI agriculture faculty evaluate alternative forage crops for Idaho
156. UI Master Gardeners put horticultural knowledge to work
155. Idaho Parents Learn How to Help Their Children Cope with Divorce
154. Used Fry Oil Supplements Diesel Fuel
153. Satellite Data Provide Insight About Aquifer Recharge
152. Summer camp breaks educational barriers for Notus youth
151. DNA Markers Used to Track Desirable Traits for Plant Breeding
150. UI Opens Doors to Family and Consumer Science Certification
149. Research will help clear the field burning air
148. Doctoral student team seeks ways to sustain farming and forestry, conserve biodiversity
147. Personalities important to unlocking potential of youth
146. University of Idaho Extension faculty make nutrient management a top priority
145. Parents as Teachers program supports literacy in young children
144. New extension educator to benefit tribal youth
143. New UI program to develop leaders for rural Idaho
142. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences poised to meet new challenges
141. Rural families receive training boost
140. UI researchers lead project to combat selenium release
139. New Cummings Ranch expands education, research options
138. UI, Costa Rican university offer joint Ph.D
137. Ag Days to focus on college's past, future
136. Spanish-Language Potato Classes Are a Hit with Hispanic Field Workers
135. Biotech Facility Opens New Doors for Discovery
134. UI Helps Start-Up Food Businesses Feed Local Economies
133. Ultrasound Imaging Provides 4-H Youth Clearer Picture of Animal Quality
132. UI Researchers View GMO Wheat Cautiously
131. UI Educational Program Helps Day-Care Providers Serve More Nutritious Meals
130. Can-Do' Corn Growers of Power County Find Promise in a New Crop
129. Children Thrive in Community-Based After-School Program
128. Who Will Be Eating Idaho Barley Next? Maybe Idaho's Rainbow Trout
127. Information Is Power as Potato Growers Struggle to Manage Farm Risk
126. Retired Bonners Ferry Extension Educator to Pursue Own Niche in Nursery Market
125. UI Study Looks at Alternatives to Help Possible Resource Losses in Valley County
124-spanish. Mas de 75 anos de esfuerzos de fitomejoramiento en la Universidad de Idaho dejan huella de calidad en los frijoles de la nación (país)
124. Over 75 Years, UI Breeding Efforts Leave Mark of Quality on Nation's Beans
123. UI's Largest Grant Funds Biomedical Research
122. UI College of Agriculture Celebrates Century of Service to Idaho
121. Tri-State Potato Program's Successes Add Up, With Nine New Potatoes in Just 15 Years
120. Electronic Clearinghouse Connects Idaho Ranchers Who Need Pasture with Farmers Who Have It
119. Married -- and Loving It
118. Lapwai Garden Yields Knowledge, Produce
117. Hometown Stream Becomes Model for Research and Teaching
116. Wine Grapes in UI Parma Trial Show Promise at First Blush
115. 4-H Volunteers Make Contributions Worth Millions
114. Born to Learn
113. Extension Educators Take Diabetes Management Program to Idaho's Rural Counties
112. UI Entomologist Finds That a Single Green Peach Aphid Is One Too Many in Idaho Potato Fields
111. Magic Valley Dairy Producers Weigh Their Options--and Learn How to Buy Them
110. Research and Extension Facility Revitalization Under Way
109. New Dairy Waste Inspection Initiative Protects State's Water
108. In-the-Lab Experiences Help UI Agriculture Undergrads
107. UI Horticulturist Looks to Tame the Huckleberry
106. Idaho Home*A*Syst Project Aids Farmworkers
105. Water Issues Addressed in Internet Newsletter
104. 4-H Puts Funding Boost to Good Use
103. Milk and Beef Deliver Potent Anti-Cancer Compound CLA
102. Extension Nutrition Faculty Help Idahoans Bone Up on Calcium
101. UI Researchers Use Advantages Presented by Biotechnology
100. New `Bannock' Potato Delivers 90 Percent No. 1's
99. UI Helps Northwest Growers Farm Without Plows
98. The College of Agriculture: Helping Our Neighbors
97. Extension Prepares for the Next Century
96. Dutch/American Team Captures ET and Air Currents in the Idaho Desert

AgKnowledge issues in HTML format:

  95. Rotation Is Key to Rhizomania Management
94. Caine Center Work Targets Pasteurella
93. Money 2000 Teaches Idahoans Good Dollars and Sense
92. New UI Video Promotes Managed Aquifer Recharge
91. As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
90. Barley: Making a Good Grain Better
89. Varied Aquaculture Menu Draws a Crowd
88. Caine Veterinary Students Learn Dairy Production Medicine Right on the Farm
87. Ag Researchers Seek Virus Resistant Wheats
86. Scientists Evaluate Impacts of Dairy Compost on Magic Valley Crops
85. UI Scientists Keep Food Safe from Farm to Plate
84. Idaho Addresses the Food Quality Protection Act
83. UI Breeds Superhot Mustards to Become Soil Fumigants
82. Treasure Valley Teens Explore Ag Careers While Raising Heifers for Idaho Dairy Producers
81. Weeds Infest More Than Idaho Agriculture
80. Slumping Economy Threatens Idaho Family Farms
79. The College of Agriculture Spans the State
78. UI and Sweetcorn Seed Firms Combine Forces to Protect Seedlings--and Treasure Valley Industry
77. Extension Eager to Work with State's Hispanics
76. Reduced Herbicide Rates Show Promise of Higher Grain Profits
75. Apple Research Abounds in Southern Idaho
74. Beneficials Search-and-Destroy Greenhouse Pests the Natural Way
73. For Premium Alfalfa Hay, "Stick" Close
72. Students Do Homework on Top of the World
71. Researchers Seek Balance Between Alfalfa Seed Yields and Healthy Bees
70. UI-OSU Research Supports Sustainability of Livestock Grazing
69. Nematode-Control Program Could Save Idaho Farmers Millions
68. Water Quality--Everyone'sIssue
67. Greener Fields: Sustainable Systems for Potatoes
66. A to Z: "You Know How Your Cattle Measure Up"
65. Ag Education at Fort Hall
64. Extension Helps Idahoans Balance Work and Family
63. UI Scientists Want to Take a Bite Out of Hawkweed
62. Fort Hall 4-H: "Can't Be Without It"
61. UI's "Precise" Research is Profitable
60. Idaho GrassCycling Team Lets the Grass Out of the Bag
59. Cooperative Research Efforts in the PNW
58. UI College of Agriculture Assistance Spans State
57. Idaho's After School Programs Help Children, Parents
56. "Systems Approach" to Livestock Evaluation is Ethical and Practical
55. "Next Generation of Irrigators" Learns to Stretch Idaho's Water