You must understand statistics in order to critically analyze nutrition research.

You may have had a bad experience with statistics in your past. And that could be for several reasons.

1) You thought you would never use it

2) All the problems you worked for class related to engineering or agriculture, not nutrition.
(Itís great that engineers care about statistics when they design a bridge, but that doesnít help you understand how statistics relates to nutrition.)

After going through this section, statistics will be your friend.
You will be able to impress your friends and colleagues with your understanding of statistics.
You will be able to determine which weight loss program is more effective and which drug is better at lowering cholesterol.

You see, when statistics are performed appropriately, they lead us to the correct conclusions about research.

So continue with this section to gain a practical and useful understanding of types of data, statistical tests, and how to interpret test results. Take the quiz with associated with each to test your understanding. You can take the quiz before and/or after you complete the topic.