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Brassica Breeding and Research Canola, Rapeseed, Mustard, and Biodiesel

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Brassica Research

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Brassica Breeding & Research
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Brassica Breeding and Research

Meet Our People

For any questions or suggestions regarding our research and breeding goals and various projects please feel free to contact us.

Jack Brown
Office: 208-885-7078
Cell: 208-301-4021

Jack was born and raised in Roslin, Scotland, now famed as the home of  Holy Grail that is rumored to be buried in the local chapel (as described in 'The De Vinci Code') and as the birthplace of Dolly, the first cloned sheep. Jack graduated from University of Edinburgh and completed his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at University of St. Andrews. Jack has been a barley breeder and then potato breeder, and a search for new challenges in a rural setting prompted his move to Idaho and Brassica breeding in 1992. Special interests include breeding methodologies, selection efficiency and quantitative genetics.
Jim B. Davis
Jim B. Davis
Position: Research Support Scientist
Office: 208-885-4266

Jim Davis is currently a Research Support Scientist in the Canola Program. Jim, a native of northern Idaho, will have worked with canola, rapeseed and mustard at the University of Idaho for 28 years as of June 2016, 24 of those with Dr Brown. Jim has also worked as a plant disease diagnostician at Utah State University, with alfalfa at the University of Wisconsin, and with barley, potatoes and onions for a short time at Washington State University. Jim has Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Plant Science from the U of I.
Megan Wingerson
Megan Wingerson
Position: Research Technician
Office: 208-885-5749

Megan joined the Canola, Rapeseed & Mustard Crew in the Spring of 2011. However, Megan had previous canola experience from working with the group as an undergraduate student while completing her degree in horticulture at the U of I. Since joining our team as a full time staff member, Megan has taken on the day-to-day operation of our oilseed chemistry laboratory and manages most of our greenhouse operations, as well as assisting with all aspects of field work.
Brad Pakish
Bradley Pakish
Position: Research Technician
Office: 208-885-6272

Brad left the program in January 2016 to serve with the Peace Corps in Tanzania.

Eric Ireton
M.S. Graduate Student
Office: 208-885-6710

Eric is a native of Portland, Oregon and graduated from Oregon State University with a B. S. in biology.  While at Corvallis, he worked with the OSU wheat breeding program as an undergraduate research assistant.  His graduate research involves studies to increase winter canola acreage in the PNW by improving agronomic practices and better documenting the rotational effects of canola on a subsequent winter wheat crop. He is also contributing to an ongoing genetic study of spring canola.