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Brassica Breeding and Research



Please check the "For Growers Page" to see newly posted 2018 PNW Variety Trial data.

Check out the results of our Winter Canola Fertilizer Timing Study in the Miscellaneous Section of the "For Growers" page.

Visit the Washington State University Oilseed Cropping Systems website for more information on oilseeds in the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about canola production in our neighboring state of Washington at the Washivore website.


The overall goal of our breeding program is to develop genetically superior Brassica oilseed and condiment mustard cultivars (Brassica napus, B. juncea, Sinapis alba, and others) suitable for a wide range of environments throughout Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, and other regions in the United States. Specific research conducted by our group includes:

  • Investigate breeding methodologies and inheritance of important traits in developing new and improved Brassica crop species.
  • Examine and develop procedures to increase breeding efficiency in developing superior Brassica oilseed and condiment cultivars.
  • Develop oilseed Brassica cultivars that would be suitable for industrial processing, including high quality biodiesel.
  • Broaden genetic base and introgress insect and disease resistance and other desirable traits into Brassica crops using interspecific and intraspecific hybridization.
  • Develop genotypes of yellow mustard (S. alba) modified fatty acid oil content, improved oil content, and with low glucosinolate content in residual seed meal.
  • Develop interspecific and intraspecific hybrid genotypes with designer glucosinolate content and quality suitable as an alternative to highly toxic synthetic soil fumigants.